Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dogs are Better than Pie

Dogs are better than pie.  I know that this is a tall order to fill.  Almost nothing is better than pie.  Pie is sweet, fruity, flaky, crusty, steamy, hot, and delicious!

You can go ahead and take a moment.  I know that picture is enough to make any one salivate.

But I am here to say that dogs are BETTER than pie!  And my claims are not unsubstantiated!  Here are my reasons!

  • Pies can't cuddle the way dogs can!  That kind of close contact with a pie will only make you messy and fruit-covered....and possibly burn you because it is steamy hot!
  • Pie only lasts until you eat the last bite.  MAYBE a week....if you're crazy enough to let a pie sit there that long...which I'm not.  Dogs last for years!
  • Dogs can do tricks.  Pies can't. Enough said.
  • Fuzzy pies are the stuff of nightmares.  Fuzzy dogs are AWESOME.
  • While both pies and dogs are nice and warm, pies do not stay warm.  They can cool off.  Cold pie is the worst thing in the world.
  • Pie + Clothes = Stupid.  Dog + Clothes = ADORABLE
So there you go.  Dog > Pie. 

Now I'm going to have to get a pie....I am craving them!


  1. Pies aren't always fruity those...Sometimes they are creamy or chocolaty!

    And I might have to fight you on cold pie being the worst thing in the world. Some pies are even meant to be served cold! Whoever heard of hot banana cream pie??

  2. But Pie > Dog for eating! *nomnomnom*

  3. A pie could cuddle if you made it some pie arms. Poor lonely pie. It can never hug.

  4. Dogs also far better for the waistline. In fact, you might say they could even improve the waistline if you walk them a lot. Anonymom

  5. I beg to differ. Putting clothes on a dog is simply depressing. All other points are valid.

  6. I disagree that Dog + Clothes = ADORABLE.
    But the rest of this entry is totally true and funny :D