Monday, October 4, 2010

My Mom is on Facebook

My family is incredibly connected.  A normal family looks like this:
My family looks like this:
Seriously, we are ALL addicted to our computers, the internet, and facebook.  But it goes beyond that....
 It's really kind of scary.  There is no privacy in my family.  Want to let your friends know that you're sleepy on your facebook status?  Better be prepared for comments from parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents asking if you're having trouble sleeping again, and giving you tips that help them fall asleep, and oh, by the way, maybe you should come visit because it's been too long!

I love my family, but I definitely have to censor what I say online to protect myself from smothering! =p

What about you?  How connected is your family?

Author's Note: I love my family, and I'm really just playing around for comedic affect.  So to the family members who read this, I love you! =)


  1. my fam is quite connected, i have the luxury of time zones to protect me though :-) mum bro and i are active FaceBooker's but my dad not so much (though i do get the 16page email once a week, with FULL details of everrything he did), grandparents get all there info from nieces and nephews, but i will sometimes be graced by an awesome email :-)

  2. We definitely are all facebookers in my family. We don't really email each other all that much.

  3. Brilliant graphics...

    Oddly, I was the one that introduced my dad and grandparents to the intarwebz, yet I don't have a Facebook or Myspace. They, though? They're all about Facebook... It drives me nuts.

  4. Not sleeping? Well I found that if I rub my corns and eat lots of fiber, ...waitaminute, you were REALLY wanting advice were you? ;)

    You are loved right back. (Oh, and I don't really have corns.)

  5. Anonymous Mom was worried for a minute - glad you are sleeping well.

  6. took my idea for a characters tab before I got a chance to do it! Now I look like a copy cat :-P


  7. I don't Facebook for a reason. This is it. Though really only my Mom and my sisters and my cousins are on. You know almost normal, but my Mom's on all the time and I like to keep my internets and my life almost completely separate.

    And your cousins have many kids. I mean so do mine but...

  8. Sorry if I haven't seen you in a while. I'll never mention my lack of visitors again lol j/k.