Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toes are Totally Awesome

We all have opinions about our bodies.  Some of us like how we look.  Some of us hate how we look.  Some of us just want to change a few things.  Some of us want to change everything.  This is simply the way things are.

I have found that it boosts my self-esteem to focus on one body part, and appreciate it for what it does and how it looks.  I am here today to tell you all, dear readers, that toes are totally awesome.

Specifically, MY toes are totally awesome.

First of all, I have all 10 of them!  Nothing is more satisfying than having a completed set!
Also, when I feel like spoiling them, I can give my toes some jewelry!
I like to be nice to my toes, since they are so useful.  They are SUPER IMPORTANT for weight-bearing, thrust, and balance.  Without my toes, I probably couldn't walk!
I use my clippers to keep them nicely trimmed.
Sometimes, I take them to a salon and get a pedicure for them!
It is lots of fun to pamper my toes.  And they sure do deserve it!

I think we should all take some time to appreciate our toes.  They may be one of the smallest parts of our bodies, but they are very important!  You might even say they deserve a medal!

Image "Liberated" from Sister's Blog

So everyone remember to share the love, and pamper their toes today!  I know I will!


  1. Wow!! I have 10 toes too!! Thats amazing!! ;)
    lol... funny

  2. LOL! This is so cute! I wish my toes weren't curled so it'd be easier to get pedicures!!! I love that the lil piggy goes wee wee all the way home too! =P

  3. I wonder if your little toes ever get jealous and start hitting each other when one gets all prettied up?? That would be uncomfortable!! That must be what happens when one's toes cramp up, eh? ;)

  4. I think it's a nice idea to appreciate our bodies, one part at a time. Thanks, toes!

  5. I am kind of a toe neglecter. Mine appreciated this post immensely.

  6. I seriously am scared of feet and toes. Ugliest part of the body in my opinion... and there are A LOT of ugly body parts.

  7. not gonna lie...I HATE MY TOES LOL They are freakishly small! Let's just say... there is no way in H.E.double hockey sticks I can sport a toe ring :(