Monday, October 18, 2010

If I Had a Pet Dinosaur.....

Which one would I choose?

There are so many sweet choices....

Brontosauruses could reach things on the top shelf for me.  I'm betting Sister agrees with me on this one!

But Tyrannosauruses could scare away the Laundry Monster!

But then again....the only real choice is obvious.  The VELOCIRAPTOR is the best dinosaur of them all!!!  I have lots of reasons, too!

They can open doors!  Velociraptors are the perfect gentlemen!

They aren't afraid of Sam Neill! In fact, Same Neill may even be scared of them!

They are small enough to ride, unlike the Tyrannosaurus (who is just a bit too big!)

They are excellent hunters! This means that I won't have to feed them! They can feed themselves!  Plus, they can bring home the extras for me to eat!  This will totally save on my grocery bill!

They are super intelligent!  I bet they could even take my tests for me!

And that is why I would pick a velociraptor.  Because they are awesome.

Today starts a very special occasion...joint posts between me and Sister for a WHOLE WEEK!  Now that you're done reading here, please make your way to her page and check out the other half of our blogging sibling project!


  1. LOL!!! I would want both the velociraptor because they know their ways around a kitchen too, especially in Jurassic Park & I'd pick the brontosaurus cuz it reminds me of Little Foot from the Land before Time!!! hehe. =P

  2. I would totally breed a teacup veloci. Yup. That's what i'd call it too. Small enough to carry in your purse but could still rip throats out. hehe kinda like an attack poodle but cuter! lol plus he'd look like yoshi ^_^

  3. Wow, this is a good topic to think about... I'd probably choose a protoceratops (SO cute and ideal size!)or I also thought about a brachiosaurus, but 25 meters is a little much for me... I guess it would be too clumsy. Maybe camarasaurus would be better.

  4. I love the last picture :-)

    I'm thinking if the veloci brought you home "groceries" there might be more blood involved...


  5. Love it! I love both posts.. but I am not supposed to be looking at blogs so I can only comment on one, sorry I read Christy's first and I'm commenting on yours. :P
    Um, yeah... I like the teacup veloci. I'll take one of those.

  6. A good choice! Hehe, loving the joint posts, but as awesome as the Raptor are I'm afraid I have to go with Christine's on this occasion, I don't think her choice could have been more perfect for any Nintendo addicted 80's child like myself.

  7. yay dinosaurs for my birthday!!!

  8. can I have all the dinos? :)

  9. Hahahahahah! :)) this is so funny!

  10. ha ha it would be so cool to have a pet dinosaur. I like the crazy things in Avatar, I would want one of those so I can fly around on it too, then I can fly into work instead of having to take the tube.

  11. hahahahahhahahahahah
    i love this post!
    its hilarious!
    cracked me up!