Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 Worst Movies of All Time That are Actually Pretty Awesome

Everyone is guilty of enjoying a few movies that are universally bad movies.  I am no exception.  There is nothing more enjoyable to me than stretching out on the couch in my pajamas to waste away a Saturday afternoon watching horrible movies.  So here is a list of some of my favorite horrible movies

1) Running Man

Arnold outdoes himself with this late 1980's government thriller.  The music alone is enough to win me over.  With techno music, tacky jumpsuits, anti-government schemes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping the best one-liners ever, this movie is hard to say no to!

2) Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion

A truly hilarious movie about two incredibly stupid grown women and the adventure they have preparing for and attending their 10 year high school reunion.  This movie is cheesy, stupid, superficial, and ridiculous.  I love their ridiculous clothing, pathetic schemes, AND I learned who invented Post-It notes! =)

3) Final Destination

This "horror" movie is absolutely ridiculous.  A boy gets a vision, and manages help his friends escape death.  But DEATH doesn't give up so easily.  It chases after them, subjecting each to a more ridiculous and far-fetched accidental death than the one before.

4) Snakes on a Plane

This is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.  But it will always be a guilty pleasure for me because of the scene when the older gentleman throws a young woman's chihuahua at a big snake to buy enough time to escape. Hahahaha. Hilarious!  Never mind how ridiculous the premise actually is!  Seriously, who came up with that idea?

 5) Clue

This board game turned movie is actually one of my favorite movies, and the reason is easy enough to explain.  Two Words.

Tim Curry.

That is all that this movie NEEDS to be designated awesome. =)


  1. Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

  2. You should see final destination 2 if you haven't already...the first death is priceless!

  3. I have seen the first two, after that I stopped. It just got a bit too ridiculous (and way too graphic!) for my taste!

  4. Have you seen the TV Dubbed version of snakes on a plane? Example:

    Original line: "I'm tired of these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!" (samual l jacksons charachter, yelling)

    Dubbed line (keeping in mind they are trying to keep it as close to original as possible: "I'm tired of these monkey fighting snakes on this monday to friday plane!"

    It's bad:

  5. When I was younger, Clue seemed like the movie no one knew about yet somehow everyone loved it. Sadly, I was lumped into that category and I'm not sure how it happened...

  6. Clue failed do to it's lack of caring about the real plot of Clue, which involves everyone having amnesia and psychic powers. (Seriously play clue. Go on. All of a sudden you've solved the case and it's you! Not to mention people and weapons teleporting to you when you accuse them of a crime)

  7. He'll always be Cardinal Richelieu to me ^_^ Or a sweet transvestite lol. I <3 Tim Curry.

    The running man is EPIC anyone I call a friend has watched this with me AT LEAST once lolz, such as you ^_^ the person who introduced my to the best horrible action movie ever... ps the book is really good lol