Sunday, October 17, 2010

FAQ Fiend

Some of you also read Sister's blog.  If you do, my request today should be familiar.

Like Sister, I would like to add an FAQ tab to my blog....but I haven't gotten ANY questions from you people.  I have received a total of THREE e-mails from you, dear readers, since I opened it!  And TWO of those three were from family members, so they don't count (sorry Dad and Sister).

I will settle for ANY questions.  They don't have to be frequent or anything, and I will add them to a shiny new tab as I get them!  Please, please, please, please, PLEASE send me your questions!  I am tired of logging in every morning to find this:

They don't even have to be relevant to my blog!  Seriously. ASK ME ANYTHING.

Shoot me an e-mail here!

Also, if anyone wants art drawn JUST FOR THEM, I will doodle and draw and MS Paint away for your pleasure!  When I've done enough, I can post them on the blog! Yays! =)  Plus, I am happy to doodle and draw some backgrounds for your blogs and/or computers!  I'm actually super awesome like that!

Let's all pull together, so that I can log in to my e-mail to find this!

Remember folks, only YOU can prevent forest fires sad bloggers.


  1. Youre so cute! Your drawings are adorable and you're very real. Well, what are your goals and aspirations in the next 5 years?

  2. I agree! I love your cartoons! I would love to do them too...but I don't wanna copy anyone's style ;) you have real skill mama!

    I got a question:

    As a blogger, what do you do to stay true to yourself?

  3. I like I like I like! :D

  4. okay i am posting a comment. I stumbled this so you should a bulk load of views. nom nom nom nom nom

  5. My question is...if you could have a pet dinosaur, which kind would it be?

  6. My question:

    In what way(s) is Sophie NOT a perfect dog? Of course, first you have to define a perfect dog.

  7. Oh, man, there's so much pressure to ask you something really PROFOUND but all I can think of is:
    What is your favourite colour?

  8. Forget the question I just asked! I just saw it's already been answered. So I have another one: what programs/techniques/hardware do you use to make your drawings?