Everyone can feel free to shoot me an email, and request a drawing!  I am happily doing drawings, just for you, dear Readers!

Any requests I receive that I choose to draw (which will probably be all of them, since it's not like I'm expecting to find my inbox flooded with requests), will get posted here!

My most recent request comes from my very dear friend, Ashley, from Glimpses of Coruscation!  She asked for a princess slaying a dragon!  I actually really got into this one, hence the excessive cell-shading...also, I made it in a fullscreen desktop wallpaper size - 1024 x 768 - for those of you who want to use it!  I'll be adding it to the downloads page with a few small changes shortly!
Another drawing for my friend Anshie!

My blog-buddy over at The Weed requested an image of his deformed eye! This one was definitely interesting to draw!
Anshie also requested a drawing of her and some dogs.
The Tsaritsa requested a Fashion Giraffe!
This drawing is for Anshie!
The Tsarita asked for a Kitty that is Brushing its Teeth! Yay for Oral Hygiene!
Lily asked me for a Sad Muffin.  He is sad because it's rainy!
Lissa, from 20sb, asked me to please draw her a Fox!
Ben e-mailed me asking for a Happy Toaster.