For anyone who is curious, or who doesn't know who I'm talking about in my blog, I thought I'd work together a "Characters" page.  So here is a comprehensive list of everyone in my blog!  Enjoy! =)


The 22 yr old author and artist of this blog.  Represented by a brunette female with her hair down or her hair in a pony tail, wearing a green dress.  Her favorite color is army/dark olive green, and she tells stories and writes lists for everyone's entertainment.


Sister's name is Christine, and she started her blogging adventure the same time that Catherine did!  She is often a source of ideas and inspiration, and is very close with Catherine.  She has an awesome blog of her own that you can all read here.  She is super awesome, and deserves everyone's attention and comment love!


Fiance and Catherine have been engaged since February 2010.  His name is Tyler, and he's very tall, very quiet, and very sweet.  He comes up in posts fairly often because Catherine and Fiance spend lots of time together. He likes science fiction television, anime, and video games.  He has long-ish hair and green eyes.

Little Brother

Little Brother's name is Stephen.  He is currently living with Cathrine, and attending college to get a degree in civil engineering.  He is very tall, very skinny, very busy, and loves bowling!  Also, for some reason Sophie doesn't like him very much.

He is 21 years old (barely) and very very smart.


Sophie is Catherine's dog.  She comes up as topics in posts relatively often.  She is smart, kind of.  She's a Jack Russel Terrier, and she's about 10 years old.  She knows lots of tricks, and she's a fast learner, but sometimes behaves in ways that seem pretty stupid. She is a very happy dog!

People will be added to my list of Characters in my Life as they become more prominently recurring. ^_^