Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They Totally Exist

They are just in hiding.  I am talking, of course, about the almighty, mystical, magical UNICORN.

Unicorns are totally real.  They do exist.  They are just stealthy!
And they hide from most humans because we have this nasty habit of destroying things.

Unicorns have several magical properties.  I will tell you just a few of them now.
  • Their blood can be used to prolong life.
  • They fart jellybeans.
  • Sometimes, they can change forms, taking a human appearance
  • They're immortal.
  • They can give you good dreams, and chase away nightmares

Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions and weaknesses to deal with...

Unicorns have one HORN, not one CORN.

Also, they are not all female, contrary to popular belief.

In addition, they seem to be weak to Red Bulls....This may or may not apply also to the popular beverage.

 **Today is DAY THREE of a very special occasion...joint posts between me and Sister for a WHOLE WEEK!  Now that you are done reading here, please make your way to her page and check out the other half of our blogging sibling project!**


  1. totally stole my Red Bull idea! Thievery!!!!

  2. You have much better pictures though. =/

    Anyways, it was MY idea. YOU came up with why it's good for pegasus. =p

  3. The writers of "the Last Unicorn" REALLY came up with the thoughts steered towards energy drinks first ;-)

  4. Your unicorns are pretty! :) Every blog I've read today, you've been following. It's spooky! :P

  5. Hahaha, so cute! If everyone farted jellybeans, the world would be a much better place!

  6. lmbo!! That ws too cute for words!

  7. You for got that you can use their hair to power a magic wand. :) That's what is in the new wand that Ron gets in POA.

  8. lol, go Unicorns! Saying that, do they all follow through when they fart, seems the Red Bull exposure may have some other side effects even if they do provide a positive result.

  9. red bull XD

    ....Does that mean unicorns are afraid of flying?