Contact Me

To all my dear fans and readers and followers, and to the first time readers as well....

I have a very special e-mail address, JUST for YOU!  If you have questions, comments, concerns, ideas, rants, complaints, marriage proposals, or hate mail, you can send it my way!  Just drop me a line at!  That's nice and easy to remember, don't you think?

Also, if you are interested in my daily happenings, I have a twitter!  You can find me at you ever feel like enjoying a little internet stalking, I mean.  I love internet stalking.  Yay for Twitter!

And that is all my current contact awesomeness.  I an considering opening an AIM account for the blog....and also a facebook page.....but I think that will have to wait until I have many more readers and followers.  I will update this if I ever do decide to open these accounts. =)