Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clearly, They Must be Cyborgs!

There are hundreds of actors and actresses out there that are incredibly famous, making literally millions of dollars every year.  I am not one of those actresses.  But I'm okay with that.

Celebrities have lots of things to deal with that normal people like you and me don't have to deal with.  For instance, they have their pictures showing up in tabloids, accompanied with ridiculous overblown stories that pry way too far into their personal business, while getting most of their information wrong.  But they some how manage to deal with this and still show their faces out in public.  Apparently, they are incredibly thick-skinned.
Celebrities also have crazy work hours.  You may think that's not the case, but it is.  Think about it.  LONG film days starting in the wee hours of the morning.  Think workdays that run up to as many as 18 hours.  And during those 18 hours they still have to act like everything's okay...or not okay....depending on the scene they are acting out.  They are running on one HECK of a battery!  That thing just keeps going and going and the Energizer Bunny.

Also, celebrities look perfect all the time.  It's impossible to keep up that kind of personal maintenance, but somehow they do!  I don't believe those tabloid pictures where they look like normal people.  Don't you fall for it either!  Those are just stand-ins....that are photoshopped to LOOK like those celebrities.
Celebrities also have super shiny teeth.  Their teeth just aren't.....natural.  Neither is the shiny hair, gleaming light-colored eyes, and excessive jewelry.  They're just a diamond....or mirror....or very polished rock.
Now let's think about this for just a moment...

Thick skins...

Endless work hours without any apparent fatigue....

Flawless appearance...

Shiny surfaces....

Clearly they must be Cyborgs!

....except for Lindsay Lohan......she is all MANNER of messed up!


  1. You misspelled your post title! Oopsie! And I had fun this weekend! It just stinks that I was sick the whole time :-(

  2. So I see. I will fix it when I post tomorrow probably...

    Because then the links I've posted to it won't need to be repaired heehee. =p

  3. Sparkle Diamond is Sparkling!

    Also I think you ought to use a darker brown for your hair.

  4. "Rawr" makes any picture immediately more credible. The more you know.

  5. LOL i love how on your chart you're a little more perfect than normal people ;)
    not that i disagree, us bloggers are a chosen people o/c