Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reasons Why Beauty and the Beast is the Best Animated Disney Movie EVER

I love Disney animated movies.  For being a 22 year old college student, I own a large number of classic Disney animated movies.  This collection includes Fox and the Hound, Pocahontas, Mulan, Emperor's New Groove, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Wall-E, and then some!  But I am here to tell you all that Beauty and the Best is the best of them.  SISTER doesn't agree with me.  But I am going to prove to her just how awesome it is! Beauty and the Beast kicks Lion King's butt!

  • The duster has a French accent
  • Belle likes reading!  Reading is awesome!
  • Belle actually wears more than two outfits.  In fact, she has FOUR!  Most princesses have just their regular everyday outfit and their fancy ballgown.  Belle is just awesome because she has more than two sets of clothing!

  • Lumiere reminds me of Luigi. 

    • That ballroom is awesome.  It's the stuff of DREAMS.
    • It's totally awesome seeing Gaston rejected repeatedly. Presumptuous Asshole + Smart Girl = REJECTED.

    • Unlike some princesses, Belle doesn't enslave the local woodland critters to do her bidding with song.
    • Gaston has a butt chin. Heehee.
    • As the main protagonist, Belle is NOT a damsel in distress, unlike MOST Disney princesses.  She is actually the hero!Just think about it!  She rescues her father from certain death in a prison cell, and then breaks the witch's spell and rescues the handsome prince!
    • This movie gives young girls an accurate impression of men.  The "cute" boys are assholes, and even the nice guys are....shall we say, rough around the edges.  No Prince Charming here! (Seriously, the Beast can't be Prince Charming.  Not with THOSE table manners!)
    That's right, Ladies.  You could have all this in real life!
    And there you go.

    Beauty and the Beast is way better than the Lion King....and I should know, because I have more Disney movies than Sister.

    **Today is day 2 of a very special occasion...joint posts between me and Sister for a WHOLE WEEK! Now that you're done reading here, please make your way to her page and check out the other half of our blogging sibling project!**



    2. lol... thats was too funny..
      the iDea is good..
      and your pics are so funny :)

    3. Don't forget that LIBRARY!!


    4. You had a lot more reasons, so I think you won - even though Lion King has great music. Very funny!

      Are you sure you guys haven't morphed into each other? I forgot whose blog I was reading and had to scroll back up to see which was which. Love Anonymom

    5. LOL I love your posts! This is hilarious! Yeah for rejection & butt chins! lol =P

    6. Your drawing of Lumiere is awesome! haha, and yes, I never really thought about it, but Beauty and the Beast is a pretty empowering movie for little girls. Right on!

    7. While your reasons are valid, I must respectfully disagree and direct you here (hilarity will follow):


      I hate this movie. Not enough to make my daughter not watch it one thousand times a day, but I die a little inside every time she watches it!

    8. By far the best movie is Beauty and the Beast. Cogsworth and Lumiere are awesome. Also gotta love Gaston's song.

    9. Love the butt-chin!! Very persuasive, I reform my opinion.. I've always been an "Aladdin" type of girl. :)