Monday, October 11, 2010

I am Bad at Sports....

I had a fantastic weekend in Hutto with ALL four of my siblings.  We went bowling at a bowling lane/restaurant/bar.  It was awesome, except I suck at it.  It makes me sad a little because I've actually LEARNED how to bowl properly, but SISTER scores better than me....EVEN though she uses a lighter ball (by 2 pounds!), bowls on the wrong leg, and has no practice or training.


Even the alcohol didn't help improve my chances.

.....and that is all for now.  I will do a super awesome post tomorrow.  Promise.


  1. You got the alcohol and ability on the wrong sides of the graph fyi.

  2. Who is this imaginary 4th sibling to which you are referring? Last time I checked you only had 3 ;-)

    And I wouldn't have noticed the mistake in the graph if Jim hadn't said anything...but then again I'm graphically challenged, ha ha.

    Loved the post, I win at bowling!

  3. Graph now fixed! Thank you for pointing it out.

    ....the fourth sibling is my little secret...I'm not telling you about him/her or you might get jealous! =p

  4. Maybe you count my husband as your 4th? Although he was not hanging out with us last weekend :-P

  5. I find the same effect with alcohol and dancing ability.

  6. As a fellow non-sports-capable human, I empathize with your sports series! Found your and your sister's blog through a comment one of you left at Hyperbole and a Half. It's fun to see what you are both doing!