Sunday, October 24, 2010

I've Been Tagged.....AGAIN

I was re-tagged by one of the people that I tagged! I go again!  Answering 8 more questions.... =)

1 - Name one thing that makes you happy (not including mythical or extinct animals)

This one is easy.  Pizza.  Chessy, garlicy, delicious pizza!

2 - What is your zodiac? (cute illustration required!)


3 - What is your favorite character in anything? (book, movie, comic, etc.)

Eeyore.  He's a boy donkey.  He's cute.  He's sweet.  He's wearing a pretty bow.  Plus he's kinda purplish colored.  He's adorable! =)

4 - What was your first job?

Babysitting.....I hate to reuse pictures...okay I don't.  So here you go!

5 - If you could fill an empty pool with anything what would it be?

Another easy one.   Jello. Yes!
6 - What is the silliest fruit/veggie?

Broccoli. Just silly looking!

7 - Would you prefer to be really dirty but not smell or be clean looking and really stinky?

I'll take dirty looking but not smelly.  Yay for makeup!

8 - What is one of your favorite short jokes? (mine is; Q-What kind of bees make milk? A- boo-bees!)

How do you get three charmanders, two bulbasaurs, and five squirtles onto a crowded bus?

You poke 'em on!

Hahaha!  LOVE it.

.....and that is all today.  Because I am lazy.  I hope you all have enjoyed today's entry.

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  1. hahahaha that joke made me laugh so hard! I read it to chris and he facepalmed lol

    Awesome, much like here