Friday, September 24, 2010

Time For Another Dose of State Nicknames

I know that it has been a long while since I've done a REAL post. But to be honest, I am just too distracted to be creative. So today you guys are getting another does of State Nicknames....because after all, I don't have to make up the nicknames. I just pick the funniest one, and make fun of it from there. you go. Enjoy.

Georgia, you need some help. First of all, if you insist on naming yourself after something edible, could you pick something less ambiguous? Peach is a fruit and a color. Which one is it? Hmmm, Georgia? Are you that obnoxious fruit that I can't stand that has a ginormous pit in the middle, or are you that hideous color that was an oh-so-popular paint color in the 80's? Either way you need to get back up to date with the rest of the world. Being in the down south is not an excuse to be out of touch, Georgia!

Hawaii, I don't know why you picked pineapples of all things to be your namesake.  Think about all the other wonderful, awesome, cool, tropically things that you have going for you?  How about "The Island State," or "The Surfing State," or "The Scuba State," or "The Volcano State"...or better yet!  How about you pick something informative?  Like...."The I Want To Be Original So I Name Everything With As Many Vowels As I Can Manage"....yeah... THAT, at least would be useful!

Idaho, you confuse me.  Weren't Potatoes originally an Irish thing?  Seriously, Idaho, pick something that hasn't already been taken!  Also, if you don't care about stealing other people's ideas, then why not pick something awesome? ...Like...."The Kick-Ass State"....not that you are...but you get the idea. 

I'm starting to notice a theme here.  There are a lot of states out there that apparently think that their produce make them significant and special.  Seriously, people, get a grip!  Illinois, surely you can do better than this.  If you want to talk about food, talk about your awesome Chicago pizza!  Also, this picture makes it look like the corn is wearing a big, green, loose diaper.  All I have to say to that, Illinois, is "ewww."  Also, what's with the whole silent "s" thing?  You aren't French.  We pronounce the ends of words here in the U.S.

I was thinking about doing more states today because I haven't done too many real posts this week..... but my states posts ALWAYS have four states.....I like the number four.  It's my favorite number....Anyways, it wasn't intentional that they all had the same number of states, but now that I've noticed, I can't just go changing things! =p

See you all tomorrow, folks!


  1. Before I noticed what you wrote I was thinking the corn had a diaper as well :-P

    Also I like the new template :-) I'm thinking mine needs a change as well.

  2. Idaho should be the skinny-leg, big-foot looking state.

    I'm digging the new nickname for Hawaii... from now on I'm pretty much gonna refer to the former pineapple state as "The I Want To Be Original So I Name Everything With As Many Vowels As I Can Manage" State.

  3. I thought Illinois was the Land of Lincoln?

  4. Dad, each state actually has several nicknames! You can see them listed here

    I just pick the one listed for each state that I think will be the easiest to make fun of....or the easiest to draw....or whatever I feel like.

    But yes, Illinois is ALSO the Land of Lincoln