Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today, I'm Developing my Web HQ

Every blogger, or celebrity, or smart person, or internet savvy genius needs an HQ.  Today, I began developing mine!

It's official people, I have a blog email, JUST for you!  Seriously.  Email me.  LOTS.  You can send me your questions, comments, concerns, hate mail, and/or declarations of love to my brand new e-mail address!!  And here it is....

 In case you have trouble loading the pictures, I'm gonna go ahead and spell it out for you too!

So you have no excuses for not emailing me!  Seriously, use it!  Send me questions!  Send me stories! Send me blog ideas!  Send me hate mail, if you must!  Just send me something!  I will respond to every email! =) long as it isn't junk, of course!

Also, I have started a Twitter!  For those of you who know me personally, you might be aware that I already HAVE a twitter....and that's true....but THIS twitter is my new one.  And it's the one I'm going to use.....and also, it's my BLOG twitter.  So it is appropriately designed and named!  Plus, I've linked it to my phone, so maybe I'll actually use it this time!  Woot!   Yay for redundant social networking!

And as you all can see, I also have made a new background and put it up on my blog!  A slightly shorter version is my background on my twitter.  Lucky you!  Isn't it nice to have an obvious correlation between things? I think so too.  Again, in case you can't load my pictures, or are lazy and would like to ctrl + c copy the URL, here is my TWITTER!!!! =)

Also, if anybody wants help with their blogger backgrounds, I made mine all by myself!  I even used some pre-existing images, and with a few modifications, and a little bit of awesome, put together a background suitable for my blog!  I can help you too!  I might even do all the work for you, if you're nice about it.  Sister, you can have a custom made awesome background if you like too! =)

Also, I will be changing my blog url in the near future.  But I don't know what to call it yet....since is already taken!  Which is totally lame, since HER blog isn't actually titled "Seen and Said" ...... I feel so betrayed.  How dare you come up with a name like mine first, internet????  How dare you!!!!

Anyways, I will need everyone's help thinking of variations of "Seen and Said' for a potential new URL.  Because "c10brook" is not fun, and also has little to do with my blog.  Not least of all because in the distant future, I will be changing my last name (you know, when I get married and all that jazz).

.....and that is all for now, dear readers!  Send me your emails!  Leave me your comments!  And give me your souls....ahem, I mean.... ideas!


  1. I need help with my blog background :-(

  2. I understand the URL anger. Good old is Jeff's Potato Salad... And before it was for cherry pie filling.

  3. How about seen&

  4. Unfortunately, the ampersand is not allowed. Nor are underscores or periods....

    I do thing dashes/hyphens might be acceptable though.....HHHMMMMM

  5. um i love your pictures fucking priceless

  6. Thanks! =) I know they totally make the blog what it is. lol. If only I wasn't so lazy about drawing them! Hahaha.