Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Please Forgive My Photography

Sorry, but I don't feel like drawing today. Instead you guys get to see a few pictures I took. I think they're artsy. =) Enjoy.

Also, here is a cute picture of my puppy/dinosaur.


  1. What is the picture that looks like a pregnant tummy?

  2. If you're talking about the middle picture, it's an art piece in the art/architecture courtyard. I just liked the light on it. There are lots of cement sculptures that size stacked against the wall next to each other. =)

  3. Is that a new collar on Sophie the dog?

  4. I like the pics, they are artsy:) by the way this is Christina ;)

  5. Hello Christina! Thanks for looking and commenting.

    ....do I know you in person?

    .....I'm bad with names. =/ But...I don't remember a Christina.....

    Anyways, you are my new best friend! =)

  6. Dad, yes. Sophie the dinosaur has a pink collar now. I managed to find one that's a little softer on her, but able to stand up to her scratching. I like it =). Plus it doesn't dye her fur reddish!