Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Did You Go?

I am in great distress. I used to have a SUPER good friend. I found him, he found me, and we became as close as any two people can be without being romantically involved.

It happened on a fine Autumn afternoon. I was searching for various blogs, commenting on posts, and occasionally adding people to my watch list, in the vain hope that someone might return the favor and discover my blog and it's awesomeness. I would illustrate how this actually happened, but it would be silly to draw the same picture over and over again of my sitting in front of my computer. So I'm presenting a dramatic reenactment to give you all an idea of how this interaction began.

And then he became my very best friend. We were tight. Like PB and J. Like chocolate and peanut butter. Like Nacho Cheese and Chips. and Canes!

And then he left me. All alone. It was terrible.

I have only one thing to say. Where did you go, ChickenMaker? I miss you! Please come back! One comment on a single post over a week ago doesn't begin to quench my need for reader/commenter interaction.

Won't you please be my friend again?

P.S.: I hope you don't mind me using you for comedic relief, Kaloo! I'm not really obsessed. It's just a joke!.....although I do miss your comments =(.


  1. Lol. Awesome :-)

    I'm sure he'll come running back to you at any moment ;)

  2. You know, I have had different strategies for gaining new readers. But I never tried this slightly overt method of tackling a reader with teeth protruding. Lol!

  3. lol, that's okay! I suspect you're a busy person! I don't expect a ton of comments! Hope you don't mind me using you in my post! =/

    Cause....I'm not changing it, even if you do. =p

  4. Absolutely don't mind. I'm clearly a suave debonair gentleman in your pictures. Though I must say... I don't own a yellow shirt.

  5.'s really more of an yellowish-orange.

    ..Anyways, I'm sure you'll realize that my fashion forward wardrobe choices are the only way to go, and acquire one in the near future. =p