Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

So....not surprisingly I have managed to neglect my blog for a ridiculous amount of time. Believe it or not, I am still alive. And to prove it, I can even give a brief summary of what I've been up to! =p

So, for the summer, I went home to SL. I stayed at my parents for a few weeks and pretty much did whatever I felt like. I DID spend two weeks of that time watching my nephew, Hayden. Here are some pictures!

This one is a webcam picture. We were talking with his Momma in Florida.

We spent a lot of time at playgrounds! =)

After about 6 weeks at my parent's house in SL, I drove back up to the LBK for summer classes. For the 4th of July, Tyler and I went out with a bunch of our friends. We're all engaged too, which just worked out kinda nicely. I really enjoyed the meal! =)

The best picture of the night! We all flashed our engagement rings! ^_^

The boys

The girls

After all that, Tyler and I moved to HIS new place for a month or so while I was taking summer classes. We were living with Mike and Laurel, and it was pretty awesome. Here are some pictures of Laurel's cat, Bruce! He's a really chatter. If you meow back at him, you can have entire conversations!

The best part of living with Mike and Laurel was how much we got to hang out! Well....that, plus the pool was RIGHT OUTSIDE our front door. Swimming is a LOT more tempting when you walk past the pool every time you leave the apartment!!! Here are MORE pictures!

Also, I got to hang out with Laurel and Tiffany, and help them look for wedding dresses. It was really nice to get some GIRL time. Not that Mike, and Trever, and Tyler, and Stephen, and Kyle, and everyone one else aren't fun. They are. But sometimes a girl just needs some GIRL time. This was especially nice because I have started to miss hanging out with Ashley. We had lots of time when I was in SL, but since the LBK is 560 miles away.... Well, you get it. Picture-time!

Anyways, I passed all my classes this summer with straight A's. Moved into my new place (pictures on facebook), and then I flew home a few days ago. Stephen and I drove up yesterday, dog in tow. Sophie is settling in marvelously, and I'm happy to be home in the LBK at my awesome townhome. Pictures of more fun times to come!

....but not now. This entry is long enough.

.....and I'm lazy.

Hopefully habitforge will help me update my blog EVERY DAY. I know. It's totally crazy. I suspect I will keep up with it for....oh, I don't know....maybe a week?

We shall see. Call it an experiment!


  1. No one said your daily posts had to be long...just put up something!

  2. I know that. But I am nothing, if not obsessive.