Monday, August 30, 2010

Yoga is for Crazy People

Yoga is for crazy people. You get into it thinking that it will be easy. Because, hey, how hard can it be to stretch for an hour or so? I can do this!

Then you go to your very first yoga class. Things start out going great. Then, things change.... My first yoga routine in a class went something like this:

I looked up at the clock and was dismayed to discover that only 15 minutes had passed. There was still another 45 minutes to go! The workout continued, and things went from bad to worse...

....Then I stumbled home in a zonked out zombie-state, drooling from the mouth, to crash on my bedroom floor for a nice long nap.

I went back the next week.

I've been doing yoga for the past 8 months. Apparently, I am on a suicidal quest to out-bend a pretzel.

Yoga is for crazy people.


  1. I like the randomness of thought behind these posts.

  2. Yes! I am super crazy then :-P

    You so should have had a drawing of "crow"...that would have been awesome!

    On a side note...I'm able to do hummingbird now :-) Just need someone to take a photo...

  3. Too true! Is it sad I recognized all the poses? (king) pigeon is the hardest for me- my hips are never going to be flat on the ground!