Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Living with a Dinosaur

Today I was taking pictures of Sophie playing with her squeaking tennis balls. I think I made an amazing, and terrifying, discovery.

My dog is not a real dog.

She is, in fact, a miniature dinosaur.

And just in case anyone doubts me, here is my proof.

Don't hesitate to run, people. She will gnaw the fur off of your squeaky rubber hides! No tennis balls are safe!

On a side note, she is settling very happily into her new home. She LOVES all the attention she gets here. ^_^


  1. I always read! Especially when you post updates on Facebook since I can't see your newsfeed :-P

    I'm going to try to update almost everyday also if I can, so let's both get regular with updates and the readers will follow!