Sunday, August 29, 2010

States Have Stupid Nicknames

Apparently states have slogans, motto's, and nicknames. Why, I ask you, do states need nicknames? Just in case it's not hard enough to remember all 50 of their ACTUAL names, let's see if we can list off their nicknames too!

In addition to that, they have MULTIPLE nicknames. AND most states have OFFICIAL nicknames. I'm sorry, but unnofficial-ness is the very nature of a nickname. Once it becomes official, it is a name. States, you need to drop the nicknames. And until you do, I am going to make fun of you.

I'm sorry, Wyoming. You are stupid. Texas cowboys = awesome. Wyoming cowboys = gay. It's true. I'm pretty sure I saw something about it in this movie called Brokeback Mountain. You should go watch it.

What are you thinking, Wisconsin? You may have truly exceptionally cheese, but who wants to name themselves after such a quality? This is very silly. This means you are yellow and full of holes.

I love you, Texas. You are a very big state, with lots of different areas. You are practically your own country. But you are not alone, Texas. Stop moping, and get over yourself. Make a few friends! I'm sure that New Mexico would like to get to know you better.

Alabama, you are not fluffy. Also, you have a stupid nickname. Way to move past your dodgy pre-civil war past! I'm sure that the NAACP is your friend. I know that I would be!

....and that is all for now. I have more drawings to do.

Comment, people! So I know that I'm still being funny!


  1. "Texas cowboys = awesome. Wyoming cowboys = gay" Yes! Lol.

    You are definitely funny! I love it!

  2. Yes, definitely funny.

  3. Wow what a bunch of racists