Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catch Me

I've been struggling a bit these last few days. I've felt unmotivated and low energy.

Didn't get the job I applied for, and I was completely surprised. my summer plans are uncertain...I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I think I'll figure it out.

There is a family problem that I'm not really at liberty to talk about, and I'm...concerned about it. I think everything will be okay, but...I'm not sure.

Tyler and I had an argument, which we did settle then, but...I'm still stressing about it a little bit. I'm not convinced that the real problem is fixed, or even really addressed. Dr. Carr said that I'll be training Tyler the rest of my life, which was entertaining.

Had a session with my therapist this morning before class, and now I do feel much better, which is a relief. I just need to remain positive. I WILL figure out what I'll do for the summer.... just not after I give myself time to think about it.

For now, falling avoided. =)


  1. You didn't get your regular summer job? That's really shocking...what happened??