Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awkwardness Busters

Have any of you ever been in one of those situations when everybody goes silent, and something tells you that it is your own lack of tact or volume control might have possibly contributed to the awkwardness of the situation?

Like when you're at a party, and you're yelling so people can hear you over the music, and then the music stops and suddenly you're screaming at your neighbor in a vastly silent room filled with people.

And then you notice that everyone is looking at you, and not because you're wearing your sexy green dress. And then you're left awkwardly shuffling your feet, and coughing into your hands to discretely fill the silence you just created, but the whole time you feel like there's a big elephant in the room, floating above your head, reminding everyone of your social deficiencies. All the while, you can only think "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!! THERE ISN'T AN ELEPHANT HERE! DON'T LOOK!!!"

But I have the solution! Next time you are in an awkward situation caused by your own social ineptitude, use my patented list of Awkwardness Busters!!!

1. Smile! Nobody likes a frownie pants!

2. You can also give somebody a cookie! People love cookies! If they refuse, don't take no for an answer! They're just testing you!

3. Talk about your dog, because everybody has dogs! Unless they have cats. But you don't really want to know those people anyways! =p

And that's all for now. Because I'm tired of drawing pictures.

Comment please. Because it makes me feel good. Everybody should help promote self esteem!


  1. Awesome! I think another way to bust up an awkward silence is to lick someone's face...because I would bust out laughing and laughter really is the best remedy for anything.

    Also...your opening line to this post is a needs a question mark!

    Are you drawing your doodles with your tablet? Or just the finger to trackpad/mouse method?

  2. Lick someone in the face? Isn't that what dogs do?

  3. I likes! Keep posting, your public wants more!! ;)

  4. I like the picture... make more pictures.

  5. Christy, I use my mouse to draw. Not my tablet. Because I am lazy. And my other laptop is usually more easily accessible. Plus the tablet would yield better drawings. Crappy drawings are funny.