Saturday, January 8, 2011

That's Right Folks, I Really Am That Awesome!

I know it has been a few days since I posted.  Get used to it folks.  I have a full-time job now.  Also, I'm taking a class.  I don't have time for daily posts anymore.  I'm sorry.

Anyways, I am here with you today, to say that I am awesome!  See me fancy new background?  Guess what?

I made it myself.   That's right, folks.  I'm a REAL artist too! 

Like Van Gogh, but better!
 I made my background, and my new banner!  I'll be changing my badge in the very near future to match my new updated look!  Also, I will probably add a favicon like Sister did (cause I'm a computer whiz too!).  But that is for another day.

I've also been busy making a background, a banner, and a badge for my very close friend who recently started a blog of her own!  You can see her blog here, or just click the badge in my sidebar!

Also, I want to take some time to give a very special thank you to a new blogger friend that sent me a present!

Here is the present he gave me.  The rest of you folks have some catching up to do!
And I have, of course, already shown you all the present I got from Kaloo, over at Chicken Maker!

This is as awesome as it gets, folks.

You might remember him from an early post I wrote about our fated friendship. In light of the recent presents I have received, I have added a brand new page to the top of my blog there, titled "Gifts."  You send me a present, and I will put it there to share with the world!  Also, I will link back to you there for giving me such a nice present! ^_^

I was planning on doing a longer, funnier post today.....but that banner took FOREVER to finish up.  Also, it took a long time to get the background to work when I tile it vertically....

So I guess that is it for today.  I will start working on another post tonight (hopefully to go up tomorrow).....and it will be good.  I promise!

Also, anyone that wants to do a guest post for me (including you two awesome people that offered in the comments of my latest post), go ahead and write one up, and send it my way!  Remember, my e-mail is

I know, another reused picture, but it's better than nothing, right?

In addition, I would like to remind all my lovely readers that I will happily work with you to make blog backgrounds, banners, and badges for you if you ask nicely!

Because I am just that awesome.....and generous.

Tune in next time for a wonderfully amusing story about growing up with my very best friend......or about my new job selling wedding gowns......Whichever I feel like doing. =)


  1. Ooooh!! Can you draw a pic of my bf and I? email me if you can :)

  2. Hooray for presents! I'm sure you'll be getting tons more in no time. I like the new new design. Very neat.

  3. love the new design. makes me think of aliens for some reason:P

  4. You sell wedding gowns? I'm planning a wedding...

  5. I thought you DIDN'T want a caustically bright background? He he ;-)