Saturday, November 20, 2010

The C.A.W.S.

Today, I am here to talk to you about something very important.  Something very special.  Something very pertinent. That thing of course is this:

The Christine Advanced Warning System

 The CAWS is a slightly-less-than-effective system in place to prepare me for Sister awesomeness!  It is supposed to let me know BEFORE she posts in her blog, so that I can be the first to enjoy it, and perhaps even enjoy the chance to perform my First Comment Dance.
Also, it's really helpful because, then I can prepare myself for mind-blowing humor.  It's especially important to be prepared so I don't explode after reading her new posts!
Because folks, they really are that funny!  I swear!

Anyways, I have attempted to create a Christine Advanced Warning System....but it isn't very effective. I need to add some sort of bell to it, or something.  It's just a bit hard...cause how do I attach a bell to Sister that ONLY rings when she updates her blog, and how do I get it to work from a 560 mile distance?  And then there's that whole obsessively waiting problem of mine....
I would probably watch that bell, instead of eating, or sleeping, know....anything else I need to do for whatever reason.  And really, Sister doesn't need all that pressure, cause then she might crawl into a corner and refuse to come out and draw for he blog posts anymore!

So ....yeah......I need to make it work better.

Also, on a side note, I am looking for some GUEST POSTS to help fill in some of the gaps between posts until I make it through the final push through the school year, and get a job!

Want to try your hand at Paint?
Want to try your hand at humor?
Want to take a chance to abscond my readers for yourself?
Want to do my work for me write a post for someone else?

This is your chance!  Shoot me an e-mail at  or leave a comment here about it, and I'll definitely be in touch!  I'm talking to YOU.  You know you want to guest post!


  1. The "pressure" drawing with the vulture is pretty awesome :) I would offer to guest post, but I've been bad at updating my own blog lately.

  2. Ahem...I believe the CAWS is something that not only did Husband and I come up with, but it's to alert HUSBAND so that HE may comment first.

    You little thief :-P

  3. Your brother's an engineer. Tell him to build the CAWS!


  4. Isn't there a way to add up to 10 people to a notification list that will notify them via email that you have updated your blog?

  5. No, I do not want to write a post for you. I suspect I would feel terribly inferior as a result of this endevour. You are hilarious and quite a pleasure to read!

  6. lmao@the pic of the crazy vulture! That pics is the new kitty pic aka the HANG IN THERE BABY PIC but for 2010...its the YOU ARE SCREWED NOW BOO! LMFAO I love it!

  7. Haha. CAWS. I seriously love it. I would also love to attempt to write a guest blog for you. I could even put *pretty* stick-figure images that people can make fun of. Because I love making fun of myself that much. Lol.

  8. OK, your mind-blowing explosion picture is hilarious.

  9. Hi- just found your site. Love it! Wish I could offer to guest for you but I'm more of the crank-em-out word vomit blog style.

    I'll stay posted to see what happens though!

  10. I found you on and reallyreally wanted to follow you and then I saw you had 69 followers and didn't want to ruin that number...

    But I had to anyway, because I love that you draw and you draw REALLY AWESOMELY.

    Sorry I ruined it.

    I'd be honored to be a guest blogger, I draw (sometimes) and I write (way more than sometimes) about fun stuff.

    Hurray for new friends!

  11. Hey,

    The Pressure and Explosion pictures are mind blowing. Interesting blog. Enjoyed it.

  12. I want in on this... CAW...