Thursday, November 4, 2010

Houston, I Have a Problem

As many of you know, I am HOPELESSLY addicted to cookies.  But this addiction goes so much further than cookies.  I am addicted to pretty much all desserts.  I love sweets.  My sweet-tooth is VERY demanding.

When I see a plate of cookies, or a freshly baked brownie, or chocolate cake, or a happily colored package of candy, my sweet tooth comes to life!

How can I possibly do anything but obey?  Unfortunately the end result of this is that I get food babies very often!  Until eventually, my frequent food babies ceased to be frequent, and started being permanent.....Here is my proof.

I am able to devour piles and piles of food.  You might even say MOUNTAINS of food.

This has to change.  I am tired of being at the beck and call of my appetite!  It rides me like a slave driver!  It looks something like this....

So I have decided to go on a diet!  And I will be totally awesome!!!  I plan to lose 40 pounds!  Which is a lot...I think.

Anyways, I mentioned it briefly in my last post....but here is the badge to my new secondary blog to track my diet progress!  I don't expect any of you to care so much, but anyways...if you want to follow along on my journey, and don't mind a lack of pictures or humor, or if you want to get to know the person behind the blog a bit better, feel free to check it out. =)

Diet Fiend


  1. Your appetite on your shoulder looks like a red blobby yoda.

    Eat the food you must ,mmmmmmmmmgmgmgmmgm!

  2. Beware of Candy Mountain! They steal your kidneys there!

  3. I used to be seriously addicted to sugar-- it was pretty bad. I think it was exacerbated by the fact that I worked in a grocery store and had easy access to cookies and brownies at all times of day. I eventually cut out the sugar from my diet and lost the 30 some pounds I had gained from it. My advice: drink plenty of water. It really helps.

  4. Hi there! I'm a new follower! Well, 40 pounds is quite a lot but if u really to lose that much then you'll get there! Good luck! Cheesecake is definitely one of my weaknesses! : )

  5. Don't loose weight, everyone loves a little junk in the trunk ;)

    Plus that little appetite monster is awesome!

    Good luck =D

  6. But carrot cake doesn't count. So pile on the cream cheese frostings because the carrots (in name only) balance that out!

  7. I lost 30, but took over a year to do it :-P But you can totally do it!

    Eliminating sweets as much as possible (if not altogether) will make a huge difference.

    Just don't let your man bring any of that junk into the house!

  8. You can deffo do it! (Although, o/c, I don't think you really neeeed to :))!
    Your food baby pretty much matches mine, actually, I may attempt to join you (Don't let my eventual and inevitable failure take you off track, though).

  9. Heyyy you should follow me on twitter @ladylarien

  10. Good luck!! I have a permanent food baby too so I'll definitely be checking in on your progress and maybe it will motivate me to work on losing mine.

  11. Hey, are cheesecakes good? It sounds strange O.o"

  12. Good luck!! I have been trying to eat healthier as well! The past 3 weeks have been going pretty well, and I started working out at a gym, too. You can definitely do it, just make sure you go grocery shopping often because I have found that if I don't have anything healthy to eat on hand I get the crraaaaaavvvvviiiinnnnnggggsssss!!!!


  13. AnonymousMay 14, 2012

    A lot of guys actually find women who can eat attractive. The junk in the trunk is an added bonus.