Friday, April 16, 2010

Blah blah blah...

And so I begin with entry number two.

Last night was stressful. Talked with Tyler about Wow. Started another sewing project while I still have access to a sewing machine. Began watching House. Watched Project Runway. I wish the person that stayed had been sent home. Then it was time for bed, but I couldn't find my cellphone.

Tyler and I tore the apartment apart looking for it. No luck. I get very frustrated, angry even. Went to bed very upset. Woke up in a better mood. After all, my classes today were both canceled.

Had a phone appointment this morning, then I worked on my newer and older sewing projects for most of the morning. Called the fabric store, I did indeed leave my phone there. I picked up the phone, and have spent most of the remaining afternoon watching House, Season 1. All very exciting.

I think I'll keep working on my sewing projects soon.

In other news, my friends and I are going to Scarborough Fair next weekend, and I'm very excited! =)

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